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Top 10 Bamboo Toilet Paper Made In USA

Many factors, many of which center around sustainability and environmental concerns, have contributed to the growing interest in bamboo toilet paper in the United States and around the world. There are a few factors that could make bamboo toilet paper a sensible or essential choice.

Bamboo is a highly renewable resource because it grows one of the fastest rates of any plant on Earth. In contrast to ordinary paper trees, which might take 30 years or longer to reach full growth, it can reach full size in about 3 to 5 years. It is more environmentally friendly than trees because it grows with less water and doesn’t require fertilizer or irrigation.

Using bamboo to produce toilet paper could help reduce deforestation since bamboo can be harvested without killing the plant, allowing it to continue growing and absorbing carbon dioxide. Bamboo toilet paper is typically 100% biodegradable, which means it can break down naturally and reduce landfill waste.

The processing of bamboo into toilet paper can be done without the use of chlorine, which is often used to whiten traditional toilet paper and can produce harmful by-products. For some users, bamboo toilet paper is less irritating than traditional paper, especially if it’s hypoallergenic and free from dyes, fragrances, and BPA.

Followings are top 10 bamboo toilet paper brands in USA

Here is the detail information of bamboo toilet paper brands


Pure Planet

Pure Planet Bamboo Toilet Paper
  • Pure Planet Club is an environmentally aware company that sells personal care, washroom, and toilet paper without plastic. Aiming to make a difference in reaction to the enormous amount of trees cut down every day for toilet paper manufacture, they have achieved a lot of things, such as creating an environmentally friendly line of tree-free toilet paper with bamboo and recycled choices.
  • The company’s mission is to empower households to make eco-friendly choices and reduce their environmental impact by offering products that eliminate plastic waste and protect the environment.
  • They emphasize that their products, including 100% eco-friendly toilet rolls, are natural, plastic-free, and crafted from sustainable and organic ingredients, thus helping to minimize harm to wildlife habitats and protect natural resources. Pure Planet Club has expanded its range to include a variety of plastic-free household items like naturally derived soaps and deodorant sticks, with a broader goal of awakening the eco-warrior in consumers and reducing their carbon footprint​.

See the online collection of Pure Planet –



Bamboo toilet paper made in USA
  • Caboo is a company that sells bamboo toilet paper made without using any trees, emphasizing how environmentally friendly their goods are. Their two-ply toilet paper is manufactured from soft, sustainable bamboo and is devoid of chemicals and chlorine bleaching, making it kinder to the environment. It is also made without affecting trees.
  • The brand emphasizes the sustainability of bamboo as a resource, noting that it uses less than one gallon of water per roll to produce and can regrow in just 1-2 years, unlike trees which can take up to 30 years to grow back.
  • Caboo’s commitment to using bamboo is based on the fact that the paper industry clear-cuts significant areas of forest each year, and by using bamboo, which does not require chemical pesticides or herbicides, they aim to reduce this impact and make a positive environmental difference​.

See the online collection of Caboo –


Reel Paper

Reel Bamboo Paper Made In USA
  • Reel Paper is committed to producing high-quality, environmentally friendly paper goods without sacrificing style. Instead of using virgin wood pulp or plastic packaging to make toilet paper and paper towel rolls, they use recycled and bamboo fibers.
  • Their products are plastic-free with recyclable and compostable packaging, free from dyes, inks, harmful chemicals, BPAs, and fragrances in USA.
  • Reel Paper uses FSC-certified recycled paper and bamboo wood pulp, ensuring that no new trees are cut down for their products. Moreover, they have implemented carbon-neutral freight shipping, with their practices resulting in a net-zero amount of carbon dioxide emissions.
  • The brand has saved over 60,614 trees and eliminated the use of 32,070 single-use plastics, underlining their commitment to environmental sustainability and the fight against climate change in USA.

See the online collection of Reel Paper –



Bampoo Toilet Paper Brand Made In USA
  • Bampoo is a company that specializes in providing premium, environmentally friendly bamboo toilet paper as a substitute for conventional paper goods. Their efforts to make products free of toxins, plastic, and trees demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • The bamboo toilet paper produced by Bampoo is made from 100% bamboo pulp, which not only reduces the reliance on forests but is also 100% biodegradable, super soft, super strong, highly absorbent, and environmentally-friendly. In addition to providing eco-conscious products, Bampoo also supports environmental initiatives like the Clean Air Task Force to combat climate change, indicating a holistic approach to sustainability and ecological responsibility.

See the online collection of Bampoo Toilet Paper –



Betterway Toilet Paper
  • A company called Betterway sells bamboo toilet paper that is environmentally friendly and emphasizes how using their product instead of trees may have a big influence on forest preservation. Their toilet paper is created from premium bamboo pulp that is derived from FSC® Certified, panda-free zones, and was voted the softest in a blind test. With recycled cardboard boxes and plastic-free tape, the packaging is completely plastic-free.
  • They highlights the devastating effects of deforestation on biodiversity and climate change, noting that significant habitats are being lost and species like the Sumatran tiger and elephants are suffering due to habitat clearance.
  • Betterway advocates for the use of bamboo, which is a super-renewable resource that grows significantly faster than trees and can be harvested annually without the need for heavy machinery, fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. This practice supports local communities and contributes to soil restoration.
  • Furthermore, bamboo releases more oxygen compared to hardwood trees, making it an excellent alternative for paper production.

See the online collection of Betterway Toilet Paper –


Cloud Paper

Cloud Paper - Bamboo Toilet Paper Made In USA
  • Products from Cloud Paper are made entirely of bamboo and are characterized as being robust, soft, and environmentally friendly. The Forest Stewardship Council has certified that the bamboo used comes from responsibly managed forests, guaranteeing that it is harvested in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • This brand is also committed to plastic-free packaging, providing products that are recyclable and compostable, with the delivery process being carbon-neutral. Moreover, Cloud Paper has set an ambitious mission to save one billion trees, supporting reforestation initiatives to offset carbon emissions and advance their environmental goals​.

See the online collection of Cloud Paper –


Grove Co

bamboo toilet paper made in usa
  • Review criteria for Grove Collaborative’s Seedling Bamboo Toilet Paper include softness, strength, roll length, affordability, and health. It is said to be sturdy, three-ply, and to be very soft, leaving little residue behind, only splitting where it is pre-cut.
  • These rolls are also larger, purportedly containing 20% more toilet paper than other bamboo rolls. The toilet paper is made from pesticide-free, panda-friendly bamboo, and is septic and sewer friendly. Environmentally, Grove contributes to sustainability by planting a tree for every 100 rolls sold. Price-wise, Grove’s toilet paper is competitive, costing around $1.12 per roll, comparable to major brands like Charmin.

See the online collection of Grove Co –



  • Compared to conventional hardwood pulp goods, Naturezway’s 2-ply bamboo toilet paper is stronger, softer, and colder. Because it is made entirely of bamboo pulp, it offers a sturdy and cozy solution for bathroom requirements.
  • The toilet paper is devoid of chemicals; instead of utilizing bleach as a whitening agent, hydrogen peroxide is used, and dangerous compounds like BPA are not present. Moreover, it is biodegradable, guaranteeing environmental and bodily safety.
  • The fact that Naturezway uses bamboo, a grass that grows quickly, is readily renewable, and reaches maturity in just three years, demonstrates their dedication to producing sustainable and eco-friendly goods.

See the online collection of Naturezway –



Bumboo Toilet Paper Made In USA
  • Offering 3-ply toilet rolls made entirely of bamboo, Bumboo is a company that prioritizes comfort without compromising quality. In collaboration with Eden Reforestation Projects, an organization that helps communities impacted by deforestation, they are committed to reforesting forests by planting a tree for each box that is purchased.
  • Over 205,863 trees have been planted by Bumboo to date, and the company has eliminated 248,156 square meters of plastic from the environment—enough to fill 1000 tennis courts.
  • Bumboo draws attention to the many advantages of bamboo, including its strength, inherent antibacterial capabilities, and quick growth. They stress that even little daily decisions may have a big impact on sustainability, and their FSC-certified items help protect local communities and nature.

See the online collection of Bumboo eco –



Agood Toilet Paper
  • The sustainable toilet paper choice provided by Agood Company is composed of bamboo, a naturally occurring, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial fiber that is grown entirely responsibly.
  • Their bamboo toilet paper is incredibly soft, completely biodegradable, and color- and scent-free. This is a three-layered product that has 350 sheets per roll and is both robust and soft. Each toilet paper is packaged individually in a recycled Kraft paper box and wrapped in bamboo paper.
  • Agood Company has a social mission in addition to their environmentally friendly products. For every subscription they receive for bamboo toilet paper or kitchen rolls, they provide a period kit to a woman in need. The initiative aims to deliver at least 10,000 period kits year, which will help eradicate Period Poverty.

See the online collection of Agood Company –

The USA’s move to bamboo toilet paper reflects a growing awareness of environmental stewardship and sustainability. Brands like Pure Planet, Caboo, Reel Paper, Bampoo, Betterway, Cloud Paper, Grove Co, Naturezway, Bumboo, and Agood Company are at the forefront of this eco-conscious movement, each bringing unique contributions to the table. From pledging to plant trees to offering plastic-free packaging and carbon-neutral deliveries, these companies are not just selling a product; they are advocating for a lifestyle change. Their innovative approaches demonstrate that making environmentally responsible choices can indeed go hand-in-hand with comfort and quality.

These bamboo toilet paper companies are examples of how consumer awareness is growing and how group efforts can effectively address global issues like plastic pollution and deforestation. By choosing these sustainable alternatives, individuals can contribute to a larger movement that supports forest conservation, protects biodiversity, and fosters a healthier planet. The combined efforts of these companies, paired with the choices of consumers, are small but powerful steps towards a more sustainable and responsible future. As we wrap up this exploration of the top bamboo toilet paper brands made in the USA, let’s remember that every small action, every considered purchase, and every roll of bamboo toilet paper can make a difference in steering our world towards a greener, more sustainable path.


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