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Top 10 Fintech Companies In Rome, Italy

Rome, eminent for its verifiable importance, compositional wonders, and rich culture, isn’t simply a city of old ponders yet, in addition, a center of present-day development. As of late, the fintech business in Rome has been prospering, mixing the city’s rich legacy with state-of-the-art monetary innovation arrangements. This article features the best 10 fintech organizations in Rome, Italy, that are driving advancement and changing the monetary scene.

Rome, known for its rich history and social legacy, probably won’t be the principal city that strikes a chord while considering fintech development. Be that as it may, the city’s interesting mix of verifiable importance and present-day goals is ending up a ripe ground for fintech new companies.

Rome‘s monetary organizations are progressively perceiving the capability of fintech to upgrade client encounters, work on functional productivity, and drive financial development.

Our Top 10 Best Fintech Companies In Rome:

A Closer Look at the Top 10 Best Fintech Companies



top10 - Satispay

Company Overview

Founded in2013
HeadquartersMilan, Italy
Size201 to 500 Employees
IndustryFinancial Transaction Processing
TypeCompany – Private
Address: Via del Ghirlandaio, 00196 Roma RM, Italy

Satispay is a successful European payment system that wants to change how people pay in stores and online and send money to friends.

They started in 2015. Instead of using debit or credit cards, Satispay is its own thing. It’s easy and cheap for businesses. They can accept payments from customers by just tapping on their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Satispay is also a simple and safe app for regular people. It makes paying easier. It also offers other services.

Right now, Satispay has 3 million users and 200,000 stores in Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, and France. They have a team of more than 300 creative and smart people from over 15 countries. If you want to be part of the team that’s changing how payments work in Europe, check out their job openings. They’d be excited to hear from you!


Satispay offers a convenient way to make payments online

secure platform for transactions

The website is well-designed and easy to navigate

Offers a dedicated mobile app


Satispay is not available in all regions or to all users

Satispay may charge fees for certain transactions or services

Satispay lacks effective customer support or responsiveness to user issues


Ria Money Transfer

top10 - Ria

Company Overview

Founded in1987
HeadquartersBuena Park, United States
Size5001 to 10000 Employees
IndustryFinancial Transaction Processing
Revenue$500 million to $1 billion (USD)
Contact(877) 443-1399

Ria Money Transfer is a part of Euronet Worldwide, Inc. They provide helpful money services, like quickly and safely sending money all over the world. They also help with changing currencies, adding money to mobile phones, paying bills, and cashing checks. Ria makes sure customers have many ways to use their services, both online and offline. They care a lot about their customers and the places they live, and they want to make life better for everyone.

Ria started in 1987 with just one store in New York City. But now, they’ve grown really big. They’re one of the biggest companies for sending money, with over 500,000 places where you can use their services in more than 160 countries all around the world.

Easily Send Money Worldwide

For more than 35 years, Ria has been a reliable option for sending money to your family and friends across 165+ countries. We’re dedicated to offering you affordable rates, excellent currency exchange values, and quick and friendly assistance.

Affordable Rates and Few Charges

There are no hidden fees, so the money you send to your loved ones stretches further. You can always check the latest rates using the Ria app or website.

Your Safety Matters

Rest assured, we’ve completed over a billion secure transfers. Our top-notch security specialists work 24/7 to watch over your money transfers.



top10 - SumUp

Company Overview

Founded in2012
HeadquartersLondon, United Kingdom
Size1001 to 5000+ Employees
IndustryFinancial Transaction Processing
Revenue100$ to$500 million (USD)
ContactNorth Orange Street 1209
United Kingdom

SumUp is a big company in Europe that helps people take card payments using their phones or tablets. They make it easy and safe for stores to accept credit and debit cards. They’re special because they have their own technology for making these payments, and they even have their own special card reader.

They started in August 2012 and now they’re in 16 different countries like the UK, Germany, and Brazil. The company’s main office is in London.

Important companies like American Express, Groupon, and BBVA Ventures support SumUp and invest in them.



top10 company - ingenico

Company Overview

Founded in1980
HeadquartersParis, France
Size1001 to 5000+ Employees
IndustryFinancial Transaction Processing
Revenue$2 to $5 billion (USD)
ContactTel : +33 (0)1 58 01 91 35
: Via Flavio Domiziano, 10, 00145 Roma RM, Italy

Starting from October 28, 2020, Worldline and Ingenico joined together to become a strong team in the field of payments. By teaming up with Ingenico, Worldline has become the 4th biggest company in the world for payment services. You can learn more about this at

Ingenico is a big player in the fintech world and has been doing this kind of work for more than 30 years. The work we’ve done and the people we have give us the power to do big projects. We really like to come up with new ideas, and our group of experts from different backgrounds always try to guess how shopping and buying things will change all around the world. We’re working to make the way we pay for things better.

We have a team of 8,000 people all over the world. These people come from 78 different countries. We’re happy that our team is made up of different kinds of people who are really good at what they do. Some people work with technology and some help with business things. No matter what they do, they all help us be the best at making payments easy all around the world. We think that when we work together, both the company and the people can do really well.


PI Campus

top 10 fintech company - pi-campus

Company Overview

Founded in2007
HeadquartersRome, Italy
Size2 to 7+ Employees
IndustryFinancial Transaction Processing
Revenue$2 to $5 million (USD)
ContactVia Indonesia, 23, 00144 Roma RM, Italy

Pi Campus is a company based in Rome, Italy, that focuses on fostering innovation, supporting startups, and driving technological advancements. Established in the heart of Rome, Pi Campus serves as a hub for startups and entrepreneurs to collaborate, learn, and develop their ideas into successful businesses.

Pi Campus is dedicated to nurturing technology-driven ventures, primarily in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), data science, and digital innovation. They provide a range of resources and support to startups, including funding, mentorship, workspace, and access to a network of experts and investors. By offering these resources, Pi Campus aims to accelerate the growth of promising startups and contribute to the overall innovation ecosystem.

One of Pi Campus’ unique features is its emphasis on a multidisciplinary approach. They bring together people from various backgrounds – entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and experts – to collaborate on projects that can make a positive impact on society and business. This diverse environment encourages cross-pollination of ideas and helps create solutions that address complex challenges.

Pi Campus also organizes events, workshops, and discussions that bring together thought leaders, industry professionals, and aspiring entrepreneurs. These activities foster knowledge sharing and provide a platform for networking and learning.

In summary, Pi Campus is a dynamic innovation hub in Rome, Italy, that provides startups with the support, resources, and community they need to thrive. Through its focus on AI, data science, and digital innovation, Pi Campus contributes to the growth of the tech ecosystem in Rome and beyond.


Domec S.P.A.

top 10 fintech - domec

Company Overview

Founded in2007
HeadquartersRome, Italy
Size2 to 7+ Employees
IndustryFinancial Transaction Processing
Revenue$6 to $10 million (USD)
Contact+39 06 8947 9651

Domec is one of the Italian rapid-growing FinTech corporations active inside the location of revolutionary payments and virtual loyalty. Domec is a subsidiary of Omnio worldwide.

We provide financial, IT, and advertising solutions in the shape of price-introduced services, a good way to help businesses installation and control electronic marketplace platforms, digital loyalty packages, and closed-loop prepaid fee networks, using a software program As A service (SaaS) plan.



top10 fintech - hrit

Company Overview

Founded in1996
HeadquartersRome, Italy
Size10 to 50+ Employees
IndustryAccounts preparation – Limited company
Contact+39 06 9357 2200

HRIT is a registered trademark of the Aniasi Leonetti accounting firm. The creators of the project had been Luca Aniasi and Marco Leonetti, together with Emanuela Di Curzio, a great professional and near buddy who, lamentably, was no longer capable of seeing the initiative come into being. The complete undertaking is devoted to her.

The Aniasi Leonetti accounting firm became based on an initiative via Luca Aniasi and Marco Leonetti, who, to this day, are nonetheless fair companions. IN 2002 Aniasi Leonetti accounting company joined INAA (hyperlink) one of the most prestigious international businesses of accountants and auditors. Luca Aniasi (link) has been its chairman from 2010 to 2014.

Today HRIT is a global company of worldwide tax, accounting, and outsourcing services to global groups and people organizing and doing business in Italy.

HRIT offerings are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 37001:2016, and ISO 27001:2013 certified.


Armundia Group


Company Overview

Founded in2007
HeadquartersRome, Italy
Size300+ employee
IndustrySoftware company
Contact+39 06 6931 5350

Armundia Group creates advanced digital platforms for Fintech and Insurtech. They also help businesses with technology services like consulting and outsourcing. They’ve been doing this since 2007 and work closely with their customers to make smart and lasting solutions. They use their experience and skills to plan for the future.

This Italian company is known worldwide and has two parts: Armundia and Armundia Factory. They have five offices in Italy and more than 100 experts. Armundia Group works in 11 countries and has over 75 satisfied clients. They always make sure to give the best quality services and solutions.




Company Overview

Founded in2018
HeadquartersRome, Italy
Size497+ employee
IndustryFinancial Services
ContactViale Luca Gaurico 9-11,
00143 Rome, Italy

Fabrick provides an open banking platform that connects various financial institutions, fintech startups, and other businesses through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). The company’s aim is to facilitate collaboration and innovation within the financial services industry by enabling secure data sharing and the development of new financial products and services.



Top10 Fintech -

Company Overview

Founded in2013
HeadquartersBerlin, Germany
Size1001 to 5000 Employees
IndustryBanking & Lending
TypeCompany – Private
Contact+49 30 364 286 880

Today, N26 has more than 7.5 million customers in 25 different areas around the world. Our team of 1600 employees works in 8 different office locations globally, including cities like Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Vienna, and São Paulo.

N26 is a well-known company that uses technology to make banking easier for people. They have recently started offering their services in Rome to help people manage their money better. They have an easy-to-use app and website that you can use on your phone or computer. With N26, you can do things like have a virtual bank account, pay for things without touching them, and plan your finances more easily.

What’s interesting about N26 is that they are trying to create a bank that people all around the world will enjoy using on their phones. The founders, Valentin Stalf and Maximilian Tayenthal, started N26 in 2013 and released their first product in 2015.

The company focuses on making banking simple and showing customers exactly how much things cost. This is important for people who like using technology and want their banking to be easy. In Rome, N26 has become a symbol of modern financial technology. They offer efficient and easy-to-understand financial services for both residents and visitors.


Great product and design and team is worldclass

Easy & Convenient

Mobile Banking app offers various features

Sleek Design and User Experience & Quick Account Setup


Limited Physical Presence

Customer have reported mixed experiences with N26’s customer support, including delays in response and difficulty in resolving certain issues.

Limited Services, such as extensive loan options or specialized financial planning.

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