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Top 10 Digital Signage Companies In Dubai

Dubai is at the forefront of technological innovation and smart city initiatives. Digital signage solutions are gaining immense popularity and demand in Dubai due to several pivotal factors that align with the city’s progressive vision and its vibrant, ever-evolving business landscape.

Dubai is a global tourism hub. Digital signage enhances the visitor experience by providing dynamic content, wayfinding solutions, and essential information in hotels, malls, and tourist attractions, making navigation and accessibility easier for tourists.

Dubai frequently hosts various international events, exhibitions, and trade shows. Digital signage is extensively used in these events for directions, schedules, promotional content, and enhancing the overall visitor experience.

The use of digital signage helps businesses to enhance their brand presence, visibility, and engagement, allowing for a more significant impact and connection with the audience. Dubai city is having many projects to get attraction for business development so digital signage solutions is one of the demandable in Dubai. Following are the best 10 companies for digital signage solutions in Dubai.

Here is a closer look at those companies



  • Chrysels has been providing signage solutions for local businesses and global brands to achieve their branding and advertising goals since 2015. They have a team of over 150 professionals who are involved in every step of signage creation from inception to installation​.
  • They are known for supplying top-quality digital signage products and professional solutions, including Indoor and Outdoor LED Displays, Video Walls, Transparent LED Displays, and Digital Kiosks.
  • Located in Dubai, Chrysels also specialises in Visual Merchandising, Digital Printing, Flag Printing, UV Printing, Flatbed Printing, Sign Manufacturing, and Metal Fabrication.

Featured Customers

Rebook, Jimmy Choo, Majid Al Futtaim Group, Dubai Duty Free, Al Tayer, Rak Insurance, Puma, Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC), AGMC Dubai, Aster Healthcare


17 B St, Al Quoz Industrial Area 2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Contact Number

+971 4 330 6805

Reach out to Chrysels by its official website –


Al Rizq Group

  • Al Rizq Advertising, part of the Al Rizq Group, is a premium company in the Sign and Graphics industry based in Dubai with a branch in Abu Dhabi, established in 1998.
  • They have 24 years of sign-making experience and were awarded the distinguished signage supplier award from the Government of Dubai – Dubai Municipality in 2014.
  • Their offerings include Internal Signage, 3D Letter Signage, Digital Signage, Pylons, Facility Signage, Acrylic 3D LED Letters, Epoxy Letters, Modular, Vehicle Graphic, and Building and Roof signage​.

Featured Customers

Dubai Municipality, Vodafone, PWC, Talabat, LInkedin, Etihad


P.O.Box: 61548,Warehouse 10 – 11 Damascus Street – Dubai

Contact Number


Reach out to Al Rizq Group by its official website –


Ambert Industries LLC

  • Ambert Industries LLC is a renowned group handling advertisement and signage boards in the UAE. They specialize in all kinds of signage needs including internal, external, retail, and digital signage.
  • They have been in the business for the last few years, and their retail digital signage solutions include large format video walls, interactive touchscreens, LCD screens, and LED displays.
  • As a leading external signage company in Dubai and UAE, they create boards that effectively convey brand messages. They also emphasise creating artistic, affordable, and sustainable designs.

Featured Customers

Morrison Partners, Toy Corner, Lush Cosmetics, Van de Goudenberg Art Gallery, Al Yousuf Enterprises


Dubai Investment Park1, 59 Street, P.O.Box 112656 Near Ramla Supermarket, Dubai, UAE

Contact Number


Reach out to Ambert Industries LLC by its official website –


Dubai Signage

  • Dubai Signage specializes in offering comprehensive signage solutions. They are known for their creativity in design and excellence in manufacturing and installing various types of signs.
  • Their services include digital signage, outdoor signage, indoor signage, vehicle branding, and exhibition stands.
  • Likely to use state-of-the-art technology to create vibrant, eye-catching signs that stand out. They might offer customizable digital solutions that can be tailored to various business needs.
  • They might prioritize using materials and technologies that are eco-friendly and sustainable, ensuring that the signs have a minimal environmental impact.

Featured Customers

Port Saeed Engineering, DM Immigration Consultant, United SEO Dubai, Emirates Group Security


Al Nasiriya Building – POB 235951, Damascus Street – Block B Shop 5 – Al Qusais Industrial Area 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Number

+971 55 499 1733

Reach out to Dubai Signage Company by its official website –


Prime Digital World LLC

  • Prime Digital World LLC focuses on bringing innovative digital signage solutions to businesses, aiding in effective communication and advertising.
  • They offer services such as digital kiosks, LED displays, and video walls.
  • The company may adopt a customer-first approach, ensuring that each sign is crafted to meet the specific needs and expectations of the client.
  • Their team might consist of creative designers who bring unique and extraordinary designs to life, ensuring each sign is a masterpiece.

Featured Customers

Coca Cola, Kartell, Cone Street, PeekaBoo


Warehouse# B12 – Al Quoz Industrial Area 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Number


Reach out to Prime Digital World LLC by its official website –


Golden Point Advertising LLC

  • Golden Point Advertising LLC is proficient in creating custom signage that suits the unique needs of businesses.
  • Their services range from LED signs, neon signs, to 3D signs and more.
  • High levels of craftsmanship might be evident in their signs, reflecting attention to detail and quality.
  • Potential collaborations with various industry players could enhance their service offerings and industry knowledge.

Featured Customers

Al Madina, Khaleej Times, Fresh To Home, Huda Beauty, Platinum Heritage Tour & Safaris


Al Qusais Industrial Area 5, Obaid Warehouse no.8، Near Tasjeel – opposite to Dubai Courier – Dubai

Contact Number


Reach out to Golden Point Advertising by its official website –


3D Signage Dubai

  • As the name suggests, 3D Signage Dubai excels in providing 3D signage solutions that stand out and catch attention.
  • They specialise in 3D signs, but also offer a variety of other signage services.
  • Likely capable of creating a wide range of designs, from elegant and sophisticated to bold and eye-catching.
  • Might use a diverse range of materials to offer different textures and effects in their 3D signs.

Featured Customers

Rotana, Danway, Premier Motors Dubai


31 12 St – Deira – Al Murar – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Number

+971 55 7216133

Reach out to 3D Signage Dubai by its official website –


Blue Rhine Industries LLC

  • Blue Rhine Industries LLC is renowned for its quality and innovative signage and advertising solutions.
  • Their expertise includes digital signage, architectural signage, and retail signage.
  • Possibility of having mastered various technical aspects of digital signage, ensuring functionality and durability.
  • Possible influence from global trends and technologies to keep their offerings contemporary and effective.

Featured Customers

Bizrah Clinic, Enshaa PJSM, Majid Al Futtaim Cinemas LLC, World Ventures Consultants, Supercare Pharmacy, The Dubai Mall Zabeel, Adidas, Dubai Creek Harbour


Plot No: 597-673, Dubai Investments Park 2, Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE

Contact Number


Reach out to Blue Rhine Industries by its official website –


Mindspace Marketing

  • Mindspace Marketing is a creative company focusing on digital advertising solutions including unique digital signage.
  • They offer various digital advertising services, including digital signage, to enhance brand visibility.
  • They might focus on creating signs that engage consumers and encourage interaction or action.
  • Likely integration of signage solutions with broader marketing strategies for cohesive brand communication.

Featured Customers

Sony, Cleartrip, Chalhoub Group, Emaar Properties, Redtag Group, Radisson Blu


MindSpace ME, DY16 – DY22, Dubai Dry Docks, Al Jaddaf, P.O. Box: 41414, Dubai, UAE

Contact Number

+97150 468 4201

Reach out to them by its official website –


Nova Sign Printing

  • Nova Sign Printing is known for its quality sign printing services that help businesses make a mark.
  • They specialise in various types of sign printing, including for digital signage.
  • High-quality printing that ensures clarity, vibrancy, and longevity of signs.
  • Might explore innovative materials that enhance the appearance and durability of printed signs.

Featured Customers

Bayti Home Healthcare LLC, Nakheel, Damas Real Estate, Doner Deli Restaurant


Al Nakhal Road, Near Naif Post Office, Deira – Dubai

Contact Number

+971 50 919 7972

Reach out to Nova Sign Printing by its official website –

Digital signage industry in Dubai is a dynamic and innovative landscape, brimming with companies that are pushing the boundaries of advertising and communication. Each company on this main 10 list offers own exceptional assets would be useful, from state of the art innovation and inventive substance answers for vigorous client assistance and vital areas. Whether you’re a business looking to enhance your brand visibility, a retailer aiming to boost sales, or an event organizer wanting to captivate an audience, these companies offer tailored solutions that can meet diverse needs.

Dubai’s status as a global business hub is reflected in the quality and diversity of its digital signage offerings. As the city continues to grow and attract businesses from all over the world, these top digital signage companies are not just keeping pace but setting the trends that will define the future of digital advertising both regionally and internationally. With their finger on the beat of the most recent advancements and plan developments, they are ready to offer significantly really captivating and powerful methods for interfacing with crowds.

Investing in digital signage in Dubai is more than just purchasing a product; it’s about creating a partnership with companies that understand the local market and can leverage their expertise to help your business thrive. As we have seen, the options are vast and varied, ensuring that every business can find a digital signage solution that resonates with their brand and message. With the expertise of these top companies, the future of digital signage in Dubai looks not only bright but also infinitely creative and impactful.


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