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Top 10 Digital Signage Companies In Singapore

Local businesses in Singapore are increasingly adopting digital signage due to a variety of compelling advantages. One of the main benefits is that you can easily connect with your customer by displaying digital signage of your business services or products. Specifically, the local businesses have been concentrating on developing novel approaches to engage customers in-store. Digital signage has emerged as a significant tool in bridging the digital experience with the physical realm of any stores, helping retailers create more engaging and advertising.

Recent statistics indicate that businesses which have embraced digital signage witnessed a substantial boost in engagement, with a remarkable 67% increase in audience retention compared to traditional static displays. The visual appeal and real-time update capability of digital signage make it a powerful tool for retaining customer attention and promoting engagement.

The incorporation of digital signage in the business strategies of local enterprises in Singapore aligns with the nation’s tech-forward infrastructure and the prevailing trends towards digital transformation in the commercial sector.

Following are the list of 10 companies which are providing digital signage in Singapore.

Here is a closer look at those companies


Koo Digital Signage

  • Offers a selection of premium digital signage solutions including video walls, LED displays, and projection screens.
  • Provides additional services such as manufacturing, installation, maintenance, logistics, and technical support.
  • Koo Digital Signage is a provider of premium digital signage solutions in Singapore, offering products such as video walls, LED displays, and projection screens. In addition to providing aesthetically driven digital signage solutions, the company also offers a range of services including manufacturing, installation, maintenance, logistics, and technical support, ensuring a seamless experience for clients from inception to completion of digital signage projects.
Koo Digital Signage Company In Singapore

Featured Customers

Samsung, LG, Intel, Bizsafe Star, Burger King, Zurich, Changi Airport.


68 Kallang Pudding Rd, Singapore 349327

Contact Number

+65 6694 8700

Reach out to Koo Digital Signage by its official website –


Big Image Group

  • More than 20 years of expertise in advertising display, serving a variety of sectors.
  • Offers standing and LED video walls, known for advanced technology and qualified workforce.
  • With large scale of expertise in advertising display, Big Image Group has established itself as a reliable provider of digital signage solutions in Singapore. Their product offerings include standing and LED video walls. With a focus on advanced technology and a qualified workforce, Big Image Group aims to deliver high-quality digital signage solutions that effectively meet the advertising needs of various sectors.
Big Image Group In Singapore

Featured Customers

Netflix, Sony, Coco & Frank, PixelMusica, Pfizer, Sephora, Seagull.


10 Tampines North Drive 4, #04-06/07 JTC Space, Singapore 528553

Contact Number

(+65) 8831 8839

Reach out to Big Image Group by its official website –


Vizan Signage

  • Known for offering reasonable packages for digital billboards, digital advertising panels, and other products.
  • Provides a wide range of location-based, weather-based, and other digital signage solutions​.
  • They strive to provide effective digital signage solutions that enable businesses to communicate and advertise dynamically, enhancing engagement with their target audiences.

Featured Customers

Singtel, Science Centre Singapore, NGEE ANN Polytechnic, Econ, Ping Yi, Abbott, Toy Or Game, Rio Tinto.


10 Ubi Crescent, #01-84 Ubi TechPark, Lobby E, Singapore – 408564

Contact Number

+65 6203 6437

Reach out to Vizan Signage by its official website –


Ascenstar Digital

  • Provider of digital signage solutions with over ten years of experience.
  • Expertise in audiovisual and IT industries spanning more than 40 years.
  • Services extend beyond Singapore to international markets​.
  • Ascenstar Digital, with over a decade of experience, provides a comprehensive suite of digital signage services including consultancy, design, system integration, content design, and software development. Their product range includes digital directories, digital menus, digital notice boards, LCD video walls, LED ticker boards, and LED video walls. They cater to the evolving communication needs of businesses across Singapore and Malaysia, offering dynamic and captivating digital signage solutions to engage audiences effectively.

Featured Customers

Raffles Medical Group, National University of Singapore, The Body Shop, CapitaLand, Starhub, Singapore Post, Singapore Exchange Limited.


33 Ubi Avenue 3 #08-38/39 VERTEX Building Tower A, Singapore 408868

Contact Number

+65 6636 6918

Reach out to Ascenstar Digital by its official website –



  • Services a variety of industries including hospitality, education, finance, and retail with digital commercial displays.
  • Notable as the top LG Authorized Dealer and for offering a selection of in-house branded mounting options​.
  • As a top LG Authorized Dealer, they offer a selection of in-house branded mounting systems and digital displays, providing tailored solutions to meet the unique digital signage needs of their clientele.

Featured Customers

Yole Group, NKF Singapore, EM Services, Grand Hyatt Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Temasek Polytechnic.


5002 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, #02-04 Singapore 569871

Contact Number

+65 6996 0011

Reach out to CommercialDisplay.SG by its official website –



  • Provides cloud-based digital signage solutions including posters, TVs, kiosks, LED displays, and LCD video walls.
  • Caters to various industries and is recognized for digital signage rentals and one-time payment options.
  • SkyMedia cater to both indoor and outdoor digital signage needs across various industries. With rental and one-time payment options, SkyMedia provides flexible solutions that help bridge the digital experience with the physical realm in retail and other sectors.

Featured Customers

Orbis, KLM, Pigeon, Xpressflower Singapore, Changi Recommends, The Arts House Singapore, Zoff.


21 Toh Guan Road East #04-14 Toh Guan Centre Singapore 608609

Contact Number

+65 9362 6728

Reach out to SkyMedia by its official website –


Uniconnect Systems

  • Specializes in a wide range of sectors, providing digital signage solutions, TV systems, content services, and display solutions.
  • Offers software, hardware, and content services with a team dedicated to creating customized content.
  • Uniconnect Systems offer both hardware and software solutions for digital signage, providing an array of display technologies to help businesses effectively communicate and engage with their audiences.

Featured Customers

Asian Civilisation Museum, Watsons Singapore, Botanical Gardens, Shiseido Singapore.


50 Playfair Rd, #04-02, Singapore, 367995

Contact Number

+65 6876 0880

Reach out to them by its official website –


DS Visual

  • DS Visual offers digital signage and digital marketing solutions in Singapore. Their product offerings include video walls, LED displays, and digital signage software solutions. By integrating advanced digital signage technologies, DS Visual aims to provide impactful marketing solutions that enhance brand visibility and customer engagement.
  • Known for catering to a range of digital signage needs within the operating hours of weekdays and Saturdays​.

Featured Customers

The Walt Disney, POSB, FairPrice Singapore, Samsung, Mount Elizabeth.


Shun Li Industrial Park, 61 Kaki Bukit Ave 1, #03-24, Singapore 417943

Contact Number

+65 8883 8441

Reach out to DS Visual by its official website –


Signbox Microsystems

  • Noted among the best digital signage companies in Singapore in multiple sources.
  • Recognized for its reputation, level of experience, product quality, and customer service in the digital signage industry​.
  • Established in 2004, Signbox Microsystems Pte Ltd has grown into a digital signage supplier-of-choice for many high-profile customers. They develop and supply end-to-end interactive digital signage network solutions for DOOH industry. Their flagship digital signage software platform, SignCloud, is recognized as one of the advanced digital signage software platforms, underlining their commitment to delivering innovative digital signage solutions.

Services & Products

Development and supply of interactive digital signage network solutions for the digital-out-of-home industry.
Known for their digital signage software platform, SignCloud, and other interactive digital signage solutions​


156 MacPherson Rd, #03-01 Chilis Pizza, Singapore 348528

Contact Number

+65 6423 0692

Reach out to Signbox Microsystems by its official website –


Zoom Visual Pte Ltd

  • Zoom Visual Pte Ltd is positioned as a premier LED advertising display board service provider in Singapore, founded by a skilled and experienced team with over 15 years of expertise in the advertising and Infocomm Technology industry.
  • Zoom Visual was the appointed vendor for the installation of a large LED Screen (size 6100mm x 3430mm) at Terminal 3, Basement 2, Public Area, Singapore Changi in February 2018. The scope of work included the design and installation of the screen along with an enhanced sound system for the purpose of movie screenings, live football matches, and other events.
  • It continues to play a pivotal role in enhancing the digital signage landscape in Singapore, with a focus on delivering optimal results for marketing or branding campaigns through their innovative LED and digital signage solutions​.

Featured Customers

Changi Singapore, RHB Bank, Far East Organization, Home Team Academy, National Library Board Singapore, Oakley, DHL.


33 Ubi Ave 3 #03-39 Vertex Tower A Singapore 408868

Contact Number

+65 6282 2508

Reach out to Zoom Visual Pte Ltd by its official website –

The digital signage landscape in Singapore is both vibrant and competitive, with a myriad of seasoned companies offering cutting-edge solutions. These top ten digital signage firms, each with its unique strengths and areas of expertise, are at the forefront of revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their audience in the digital era. They encapsulate a mix of technological development, client driven approaches, and a profound comprehension of the market needs, settling on them the go-to decisions for companies seeking influence digital signage for improved commitment and correspondence.

Whether it’s the robust and dynamic solutions offered by Ascenstar Digital and SkyMedia, or the innovative LED display technologies pioneered by Zoom Visual Pte Ltd, these companies are setting new benchmarks in the industry. As digital signage continues to evolve, these companies are well-poised to navigate the shifts in the industry, ensuring that businesses in Singapore have access to top-notch digital signage solutions that drive results and deliver value. Through their comprehensive services and unwavering commitment to quality, these digital signage moguls are not just meeting the current market demands but are also setting the stage for a digitally interconnected business landscape in Singapore.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is digital signage, and how does it work?

Digital signage is the practice of displaying information, ads, or other messages on digital displays like LCD, LED, or projection. It functions by enabling dynamic and adaptable content distribution by using a digital media player that is connected to a screen to display content.

What are the benefits of using digital signage for businesses?

Businesses can benefit from higher exposure, tailored content delivery, improved customer interaction, cost-effectiveness in comparison to traditional advertising approaches, and real-time content updates from a remote location using digital signage.

What industries can benefit from implementing digital signage solutions?

Digital signage has applications in almost every area, including corporate offices, retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, and entertainment venues. It is especially helpful in settings where disseminating information or advertising goods and services to a broad audience is crucial.

What features should I look for when choosing a digital signage provider?

Think about things like the software platform’s scalability and adaptability, hardware compatibility, content management capabilities, customer support services, price, and integration with other technologies or systems when choosing a digital signage provider.

How can digital signage be used effectively for marketing purposes?

Digital signage can be used for a number of marketing objectives, such as advertising goods and services, raising brand awareness, increasing sales, showcasing specials or promotions, offering interactive experiences, and gathering data or feedback from clients via surveys or interactive displays.

What are some common challenges associated with deploying digital signage solutions?

A few typical obstacles include making sure that content is created and managed appropriately, dealing with technical problems like hardware malfunctions or connectivity problems, keeping branding and messaging consistent across many locations, and utilizing analytics and metrics to gauge the success of digital signage campaigns.

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